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A Workshop for Men & Women

DATE: Sat 18th January
TIME: 2:30 - 5:30pm
VENUE: Damai Studio, Ampang
PRICE: RM140 per person
*Spaces are limited *

This workshop is suitable for couples, singles and individuals as it addresses the core fundamentals that hinder all types of relationships from thriving. It will also bring awareness to your relationship with yourself which is invaluable to making relationships with others work.



If you're looking for a paradigm shift and a new approach to breathe life into your relationship, this workshop is here to uncover what's been blocking you from feeling the love that's always been there.

Often we forget the reasons why we fell in love because it gets buried beneath our expectations, frustrations and unmet needs. We find ourselves in the same arguments over and over again, feeling disconnected where we once felt connected.

Without the right understanding or tools we end up feeling trapped, looking for a way out or resigned to 'this is just how it is'.

This isn't the only way!

We've both been there and have discovered how to rewrite our relationship stories and honour our partners in the process.

Not only has it dramatically changed our experience of relationships but created opportunities for deeper intimacy, more love and so much more fulfilment in all aspects of our lives.

Now we want to help you rewrite your stories!

As a man, have you ever found yourself feeling or thinking this?

  • 'I'm doing my best'
  • 'Stop trying to change me'
  • 'She's always picking on me or focusing on what I'm doing wrong'
  • 'She doesn't support me'
  • 'I don't know how to please her'
  • 'I feel trapped'

As a woman, have you ever found yourself feeling or thinking this?

  • 'He never listens to me, I'm never heard'
  • 'I talk about my feelings but he never wants to talk about his'
  • 'He doesn't seem to care about making this relationship work'
  • 'Why can't he see how much he's hurting me'
  • 'When will he give me what I want'
  • 'He's never gonna change'

If any of these resonate with you, then you are NOT ALONE and this workshop could be exactly what you're looking for to solve the puzzle of how to make a relationship work.


During this workshop we'll be equipping you with the tools and knowledge to understand the dynamics and inner workings of what makes a relationship tick.

We'll be sharing:

  • 3 intimacy secrets to unlock the potential in your relationships
  • Tools to express and take ownership of your emotions
  • How to be heard, understood and get your needs met
  • The key to breaking out of habitual patterns
  • Ways to communicate without acting out your anger
  • Powerful connection exercises to deepen any relationship
  • How to hold space so your partner feels supported
And much more. Come open to change the stories you've been telling yourself about your relationships so you can create new ones.


Intuitive channel & Awakening Coach

Hari has an eye for seeing the depth below the surface. She is devoted to listening to the guidance from her heart and loves to help men and women reconnect to their own inner guidance.

During her healing journey to overcome early childhood trauma, she took a leap of faith, quit her job and dove into the world of intimacy and Tantra, where she began to feel her passion for healing in relationships.

This then lead her to the ashrams of India and islands of Thailand where she immersed herself into spiritual healing. This allowed her to open up to the innate gifts that already existed within her. She is devoted to the path of the heart, continuing to let it lead her to deeper healing.

Hari currently splits her time between Asia and Europe and offers awakening coaching sessions, workshops and retreats, sharing wisdom that transformed her own life. She works with couples, separately and together to provide them with tools to become free from their daily struggles and reconnect with their intuition.

You can find out more about Hari through her website:

Love and Relationship Coach

Known for her compassionate and heart-led approach to spirituality and women's wellness, Hannah has a gift for activating all that is powerful in women. She's a teacher, speaker and guide for women in the midst of transformational change and coaches women on love & relationships.

As a Love & Relationship Coach Hannah has over 2000 hours of training in various healing modalities that include but are not limited to emotional therapy and trauma release, tantric healing arts, conscious relationships, women's sexual health - covering movement, body care, stress relief, women's cycles, womb wellness and natural vitality.

She believes all women are emerging. Like a flower on it's way towards full bloom and finding the light. A woman emerging learns how to heal herself, how to step forward into the unknown places in her life and trust she'll walk through it to the other side more wise, more powerful. On her way, she discovers who she is, why she's here and what she has to offer to the world.

You can find out more about hannah through her website: www.hannahpatricia.com or via her instagram account: hannahpatricialo
Sat Jan 18, 2020
2:30 PM - 5:30 PM MYT
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Admission for 1 Participant SOLD OUT RM140.00
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23, Jalan Damai, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
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